Wedding Packages

My Style

My Highlights Videos are not a “trailer” with random clips, but a whole movie in itself that tells the story of your wedding with all the best moments from beginning to end. I believe weddings have the perfect flow – the anticipation of getting ready, the climax of the ceremony, and the celebration of the reception. Other Videographers give you sweeping camera movements and no cinematic editing.

I don’t make your wedding into something dramatic and cheesy. Weddings are beautiful and emotional just as they are. No need to make them an over-the-top production. I like to bring out the genuine emotion and beauty of the day. Other videographers give you clips edited randomly together like a movie trailer (not in chronological order).

Apart from the vows and some audio from the day, I don’t add voiceovers. I find them to be overly dramatic and distracting. I believe the best way to capture true emotion is with great music. And I use happy emotional Indie music, not sappy slow songs. Other Videographers give you voiceovers and cheesy music.

Most of my packages include full day coverage which is unlimited hours. I make sure to get all the activities of the day, I don’t want to miss anything! Unlike other videographers, I don’t leave before cake cutting and the bouquet toss just because my hours are up. Other Videographers give you Limited coverage.

It is my belief that marriage is for the bride and groom but weddings are more about all your family and friends coming together in one place to celebrate. For this reason, I like to get a lot of shots of the family and friends in addition to the bride and groom. Other videographers just focus on the bride and groom.

We shoot Bright and beautiful shots. Other videographers give you dark shots.

The majority of my weddings are shot entirely by just me. You may add a 2nd shooter but my style is unobtrusive. More than 2 videographers is completely unnecessary. Other videographer bring a film production team of 3-5 videographers.



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