About Us

With over 7  years experience in video production and the event industry, Clarence brings a fresh and subtle style to wedding videography. He incorporates vintage elements into his work and steers clear of the cinematic “film school” approach that is prevalent in the industry. Instead of focusing on making weddings a cinematic production, she puts an emphasis on capturing all the people, beauty, and moments of weddings in a real and intimate way. Her work has been featured in top magazines, publications, and blogs.

I really love capturing the beauty in life and feel grateful to be able to share in people’s special moments. I bring a soft and sensitive style to videography and put my whole heart into my work, always aspiring to capture the emotion of the day. I believe a video is only a success if tears are shed, goosebumps are raised, and you can’t help but smile when you watch it!

Other than my love for filmmaking, I love:
Mountains of Georgia
Sunshine Florida Vacations
Playground trips with my 1 year old son
Stand Up Comedy
Running on Nature Trails

I am honored to be considered being a part of your special day!